When it comes to the antenna, the name Antenna Experts is very popular. Antenna Experts makes some of the best Military Antenna with rich features. The company has now launched DME Antenna for the military field. This antenna gives better performance than all the normal antennas.

Launch of the product at the local event of the company

The launch of the High Gain DME Antenna was announced by the company at a local event. At this event, the CEO of the company said, “We are happy to announce that our company Antenna Experts has launched a new product DME ground station antenna. This antenna is used in different aircraft to measure the distance between the aircraft’s slant range to the ground station location.

Our Distance Measuring Equipment Antenna can be used in every kind of weather. We have developed this High Gain ATC Antenna with the help of the best materials and innovative technologies. It performs well even in the heaviest monsoons and strongest winds.”

Amazing Features of DME antenna

CEO of Antenna Experts also explained the various features of the antenna. CEO of the company further added, “This High Gain Tetra Antenna does not corrode or rust due to water, dust, pollutants or snow. It also gives protection to the aircraft against powerful lightning and thunder.

Our antenna comes with two strong studs for easy mounting. It is easy to mount this UAV Anti Drone Antenna on the aircraft. You do not need any adjustments or ground planes to use this antenna. It also helps to solve inter-modulation problems in urban areas.

Our FTS antenna can withstand strong storms, heavy rains, and bright sun rays. It also comes with stainless steel mounting hardware for quick installation and easy set-up.”

About Antenna Experts

Antennaexperts.co is a trusted High Gain DME Antenna Manufacturer with rich industry experience. It creates some of the best antennas for military vehicles, aircraft, and surveillance systems. This company makes several products, some of them are anti-drone antenna, FTS antenna, Jammer Antenna, UAV Anti Drone Antenna, Military Discone Antenna, High Gain Helical Antenna, High Gain Tetra Antenna, High Gain ATC Antenna, Anti Drone Antenna, and many more.

The company sells its products even in international markets. It also makes customized products according to the needs and budgets of the clients. Many clients choose this company because of its best customer service, low prices, accuracy in work, and best after-sales service.